• “I am proud to support Lauren Brooks as a candidate for Irvine’s Board of Education. Lauren understands the challenges facing our schools because she has been working to help us meet these challenges for years. She has a well-rounded perspective from her work as a classroom volunteer, PTA legislative advocate, and community fundraiser among other roles. This knowledge and experience will serve her well as a member of the School Board.”
    Sue Kuwabara, Trustee, IUSD Board of Education
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  • “Lauren Brooks, as candidate for Irvine Unified School District School Board, will bring her incredibly rich and successful experience as an Irvine parent, a fiscally- minded PTA volunteer, and innovative teacher. Even more crucial, Lauren will also bring her life long dedication and love for our Irvine students and our community. There is no better candidate for school board!”
    Vicky Anthony Science Specialist Irvine Unified School District
  • "Lauren Brooks will be a strong addition to the school board. She has a long history of involvement in our schools and is a proven leader. Lauren will put the needs of our students first and I am pleased to endorse her."
    Carolyn McInerney, Trustee, IUSD School Board
  • “Lauren Brooks is exactly the kind of leader the Irvine school board needs today. She is deeply committed to serving the needs of children. She is respected throughout the parent community as a listener and a problem solver. She understands the “big picture” budgetary and facilities challenges facing our district”
    Gavin Huntley Fenner, Trustee, Irvine Unified School Board
  • "Irvine needs leaders on School Board who understand the complexities and challenges of the education system. Nobody is better prepared to deal with these difficult challenges than Lauren Brooks"
    Tom Burnham Former Irvine Unified School Board Member
  • “Lauren Brooks is a passionate advocate for Irvine students. She knows firsthand the challenges that face IUSD and will work tirelessly to preserve the excellence of Irvine schools and to insure that each student receives a quality education. Having worked with Lauren in a variety of volunteer roles, I firmly believe that she would be an excellent addition to the IUSD Board of Education.”
    Steffanie Early, former President, Irvine Unified Council PTA, 2009-2011.
  • We are fortunate to have a strong partnership between the city and our schools. Lauren Brooks is committed to continuing that partnership and has a wealth of experience as a parent, educator and community volunteer."
    Beth Krom, Irvine City Councilmember
  • "During my tenure as IUSD's Superintendent, I had the pleasure of working with Lauren Brooks on a variety of programs and I know that she cares deeply about what is best for our students. Her energy, experience and knowledge of IUSD will make her an asset to the School Board"
    Gwen Gross Former Superintendent of Irvine Unified School District
  • "Lauren Brooks has a deep understanding of the issues facing our schools and has demonstrated her commitment to maintaining the excellence of IUSD. She has been an invaluable asset to the district as a volunteer and an advocate , and would be an even bigger asset as a member of the school board."
    Margie Wakeham Former Irvine Unified School District Board Member
  • Officially Endorsed by the Irvine Teachers Association.